Jane Kell

Jane Kell started painting in 2010 and is essentially untrained although both her parents are painters and she admits that growing up she must have absorbed something more than just the smell of turps and linseed oil.  ‘The thought of painting was always in the background, it just took a while to surface’.   She has a degree in History & Theory of Art from Essex University and for many years worked in PR.


The final push came whilst working at the National Gallery in London as Head of Press, experiencing the collection at close quarters heightened the feeling that it was time for her to try her hand.  She was clear about how she wanted her paintings to look and that she only wanted to paint with oils, so she bought some paints and finally made a start.


From the beginning it felt very natural.  Her first paintings were still-life and landscapes, influenced in particular by the work of British painters such as William Nicholson, Euan Uglow and Mary Fedden. Colour and light were her main interests then and they remain the chief pre-occupations today.


Although she considers herself a studio painter, in 2017 she participated in an artist residency in France where the emphasis was on painting Plein Air and this has become a new direction in her work.