Judith Appleby

Born in Dublin in 1952, Judith Appleby qualified as an architect and spent most of her career teaching architecture. Her Masters degree developed new ways of teaching creativity. She has a PhD from Nottingham University. Judith Appleby took up full time painting in 2006 and has applied herself intensively to studying techniques and the work of other artists. She is particularly inspired by twentieth century Scottish painters, notably Sir William Gillies, Anne Redpath and Joan Eardley.


“The historic landscape of Northumberland is a constant source of inspiration. I have been developing an approach to landscape that exaggerates the natural geometries of rocks and skies, and then overlays these with stylised interpretations of powerful structures. The effects have distant echoes of cubism, futurism and are reminiscent of the elegance of Art Deco. It is a demanding technique and progress is slow as individual shapes must be masked for painting.”