Jack Whitwell Friday 30th March – Friday 4th May 2018

Jack Whitwell’s work explores how the genre of Landscape can exist in a contemporary context. His work disrupts the Sublime and Romantic qualities associated with traditional landscape works by manipulating the image surface. His work does not create a window into the landscape but is a record of it’s forms, textures and tones.


The selection of work in this exhibition features photogravure etchings made from various sites along the North East Coast. The work captures the impermanent landscapes created as the sea erodes away the land.

Jack Whitwell is one of the few traditional copper plate photogravure artist practicing in the UK, developing his own techniques whilst studying Fine Art at Newcastle University. He uses his large format 5×4 film camera to capture the dramatic North East Coast line and then etches the images on copper using acids. The prints pulled from these plates are unique, atmospheric and won’t fade with time, unlike most other photographic techniques.