Jonathan Lloyd Friday 15th September – Friday 27th October 2017

Jonathan Lloyd
Woodcuts and Paintings
15th September – 27th October 2017
The Old School Gallery | Alnmouth | Northumberland
Jonathan Lloyd is a painter and printmaker. Who studied at Maidstone College of Art and graduated in 1986. Moving to  Wooler, Northumberland in 2004 from central London. 



Are there specific themes that run through your work?
I think the themes are more to do with the how rather than any particular genre, it’s all fair game. Having said that, I do love a wide panorama punctuated by trees!
What inspires you?
Better paintings than my own.
Who or what influences your work?
Many artists have influenced me but the most significant is my close friend of 35 years Simon Jowitt, Painter.
How do you work?
Slowly, in the studio. I used to do the whole Plein air thing but rarely now. I prefer to make a few sketches and come back with ideas filtered by a bit of distance and fragmented memories. It forces you to make things up.
Can you explain some of the processes you use? How do you get started?
Well I draw, I paint and I make (mostly) woodcut prints. Making blocks for printing may seem very involved but its nothing like the input of designing an image in the first instance. Carving a woodblock for printing is a known quantity but but there’s no such luxury with the making of an image, keeping all the pictorial mechanisms of a composition working fluidly, together. Its like spinning plates. A few colours and a few lines and suddenly the variables are growing exponentially.
Is there anything specific you are trying to pursue in your work?
All sensation is significant but ultimately, like many artists I guess, I’m trying to make seeing and feeling the same. Spatial sensation is very important to me but the entrenched techniques of perspective are no longer enough, we’ve got cameras that can do that. Painting has to do something magic and impossible to be relevant. Medieval painting has so much to teach about constructing spatial illusion.
What are your favourite artworks?
We’re going to have to narrow the pool down a bit!  If the National Gallery was on fire I’d grab an armful of Duccios, a Fra Angelico and the Wilton Diptych from the Sainsbury wing then I’d go and get Cezanne’s Landscape with Poplars and his Stove Pipe.
Braque’s Studio paintings of the late 1940s and early 1950s are mesmerically beautiful and the painting that gave me the confidence to make long pictures, the incredible Thornham Parva Retable from the early 1330s

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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Berwick Watchtower ‘Rolling Structures’ with Simon Jowitt, Doug Fitch & Matthew Howard